High-Fidelity Simulation Center

Children with medical complexities depend on confident, highly trained caregivers. 

The PHS simulation center provides risk-free, hands-on learning for nurses and students at our Roseville office.* With  state-of-the-art simulators and realistic medical scenarios replicated for the participant, this center offers training in a controlled environment to help build a healthcare professional’s skill set and confidence in delivering care.

             * Our simulation center currently has limited capacity and we are not accepting new participants at this time

Advanced education for nurses

Our simulators represent a young boy and infant with medical complexities whose health can turn in a minute, much like many children in this population. By participating in the simulation, nurses are able to:

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Bridge the
education gap
Respond to
realistic scenarios
Learn from
their performance

Features of the center

The details of our simulation center are what help to create an educational experience that is realistic and impactful. Hover or click the blue circle to learn more about each feature.

Hal, the pediatric simulator
Cameras that record the simulation session
The computer system that monitors patient vitals
An infant high-fideilty simulator
the program used to debrief and review the simulation afterwards

What Participants Are Saying

“This is the kind of simulation nurses need – it felt like a real situation”

“The simulation center allows nurses to apply what they’ve learned in their program through a controlled setting, helping them become more confident and improve skills crucial for quality patient care.”

“The best simulation I’ve ever experienced”