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Calculating Dose, Time, and Rate for a Food Pump

When a child uses a food pump, their feeding needs will change over time to accommodate nutritional and developmental needs. We know that ensuring the food pump is set up with the correct dosage, rate and time can be a stressful task, considering new orders don’t always include all of this information.

After hearing the needs of our patients and their families, our Education department created a video titled ‘How to Calculate Dose, Time, and Rate for a Food Pump’ to ensure each individual feels confident when setting a food pump.

Walk step by step through real situations that might occur when figuring out how to calculate any of these three variables based on information you do have available – and how to set it on your food pump once you’ve confirmed the dose, time and rate. While we can’t guarantee a wizard or ukulele-playing man will show up as you calculate, this resource is always available to assist you!

You can watch the video below as well as on the PHS website along with a number of other how-to videos for easy access any time you might need it, day or night. Of course, if you still have questions about how to set your food pump or calculate a specific setting, feel free to call PHS 24/7 at 651-642-1825 and ask for any available clinician.

Please let us know if there are other how-to videos you would find beneficial! We always want to hear what information would be most useful to you and your family.

Originally published: December 13, 2013