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Home Infusion Training: 6 Ways PHS Ensures Caregiver Ease and Confidence

At PHS, taking care of the whole child – and family – means ensuring parents have the tools they need to confidently care for their child at home. Our comprehensive infusion training and education program supports families and caregivers as they navigate the many new, and often challenging, responsibilities of caring for a child requiring this therapy.

In this blog post, we’ll go through six ways PHS helps ensure caregivers feel confident and equipped to care for their child at home.

Comprehensive caregiver training

Our team works closely with families to make going home from the hospital or switching from another provider as seamless as possible. We go to patients’ homes to train anyone who provides care for or interacts with a child, from grandparents to siblings to neighbors. And we don’t leave until they are 100 percent comfortable with their child’s care routine.

User-friendly instructions

We understand that most parents don’t have a medical care background prior to having a child with medical complexities. That’s why all of our equipment and medication instructions are written using plain, easy-to-understand language. User-friendly layouts and quality pictures and diagrams complement all instructions.

Plus, each equipment or medication order delivered to a patient’s home includes a home care tip, ranging from advice for preventing illness to avoiding holiday supply shipment delays. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring parents feel confident and knowledgeable as they care for their child.

Unparalleled nursing training

PHS is known throughout Minnesota as THE authority on pediatric home nursing education. Our extensive infusion training and education program is designed specifically to train home nursing staff – as well as caregivers – on therapy techniques and equipment.

PHS nurses are trained specifically in infusion with subcutaneous (SCIG) and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy training through the Immune Deficiency Foundation. Newly hired PHS infusion nurses complete at least 50 hours of training before caring for a patient. A training nurse will then spend additional time in the home with each new hire to ensure they have mastered all necessary skills and are completely confident in caring for the child.

After becoming a PHS nurse, our staff keeps up with the latest standards and ever-evolving industry through therapy courses within our education resource center.

Infusion classes

PHS offers free infusion therapy classes for family members and PHS employees to expand their knowledge and gain more training in the care they provide for their child. Held online and at PHS, classes are led by certified infusion nurses and cover a variety of topics, including home parenteral nutrition, starting a peripheral IV and more. View current classes.

How-to videos

Caregivers have access to a variety of infusion video tips and how-to’s on everything from making the best of long infusions to changing a needleless connector. We listen to what our families need and regularly create videos based around those suggestions. If you have an idea for an educational video, please e-mail Rebecca Long at

Collaboration for safe care

Parents work with a number of companies, hospitals and health care professionals to coordinate their child’s care. Our education department works with hospital staff to make sure any changes to how we’re teaching is communicated to them, and vice versa. This ensures our infusion training is consistent, no matter where the family is receiving care.

Above and beyond

With PHS, you’re never on your own. Our robust training and education program – combined with our nurses available 24/7 – are here to ensure you feel confident and equipped to care for your child at home. These services are not something we have to do; they are part of our commitment to going above and beyond for each patient – and family.    

Originally published: March 8, 2017