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PHS Response to Recalls, Backorders, and Shortages

Our PHS patients and families come first. That’s why we work diligently to find and communicate solutions for recalls, backorders, and shortages of certain products.

In the past year, this list has included Respironics ventilators, CPAP and BiPap machines; Abbott formulas: Elecare and PediaSure; Bivona trach tubes, sterile water, pharmaceutical components, and many other supplies and supplements.  

Whether it is a recall or a shortage, these disruptions have an impact on product availability. We wanted to acknowledge these challenges while we work to continue our communications with our patients and referring partners.  

Most importantly, we understand the significant impact this has on the affected families. Our teams have been going above and beyond to source substitutions and seek updated timelines from manufacturers and distributors, where we access products to bring to your door.

Every member of the PHS team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every child is able to stay home and healthy despite the supply and equipment limitations faced by families like yours nationwide.  

We understand that it can feel frustrating to see products on the shelves in retail stores and not be able to order similar products from PHS. This is frustrating for us too. It is important to note that product availability through PHS is based on manufacturer and distributor availability. We want all patient families to understand our dedication to getting products in our doors as quickly and efficiently as possible and working through obstacles on your behalf.  

We know we cannot communicate enough and oftentimes it is difficult to portray all the factors we are balancing behind the scenes. Rest assured, our team is finding alternative solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure all patient needs are met.

We will continue to give updates as more information becomes available. We look forward to serving you!

Originally published: June 27, 2022