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Synagis at Home Helps Minimize Severity of RSV for Premature or At-Risk Children Under 2

RSV season can be a scary time for parents of young children – especially those who are at risk for more severe symptoms due to prematurity or other health factors.  

High-Risk Populations

Short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, RSV can appear to be nothing more than a cold for most children. But for those with heart or lung disease such a bronchopulmonary dysplasia or congenital heart defects, weakened immune systems, or premature birth at or before 35 weeks, the impact can be much greater.  

Thankfully, the risk of severity for children two years old and younger can be decreased with the administration of a medication called SynagisMonthly injections beginning before the flu season and lasting through the end of the high-risk timeframe can help protect their lungs from the impact of RSV.  

Administration from the Safety of Home

Synagis is an injection delivered by healthcare professionals. PHS is here to deliver that medication from a specialty pharmacy to your child in the safety and comfort of home.  

Through our home health agency skilled nursing visits, patients can receive a monthly visit for the duration of the high-risk season.  

Let them know you want PHS to manage the administration of Synagis injections this season – and enjoy fewer visits to the clinic. 

**Talk to your provider to learn more about Synagis and learn if your child is a candidate. Learn if skilled nursing visits are available in your area using our service finder.**
Originally published: August 31, 2020