Benefits at a glance


  • Full-time employees are eligible for health, dental, vision, accidental injury, flexible spending, life and disability benefits on the first of the month following the date of hire.
      • Health: PHS offers three BCBS plans along with a health reimbursement (HRA) to help fund deductibles. PHS funds half the deductible through an HRA.
    Blue Print/Allina Health Blue Performance Regional Network Blue Performance Regional Network Aware
     Services  In Network  Tier 1  Tier 2  In Network
    Deductible -Individual -Family   $4,500 $9,000   $4,500 $9,000   $6,000 $12,000   $4,500 $9,000
    Monthly Premiums:
    Employee $85.00 $115.00 $115.00 $175.00
    Employee & Spouse $285.00 $350.00 $350.00 $515.00
    Employee & Child(ren) $265.00 $360.00 $360.00 $490.00
    Family $455.00 $600.00 $600.00 $825.00
        • Dental: Insurance through Delta Dental. Preventative care is covered at 100%, basic services at 80%, special services at 50% and annual maximum of $2,000 per member.
          • Monthly Rates:
            • Employee: $3.90
            • Employee +1: $34.76
            • Family: $80.62
        • Vision: PHS pays 100% of vision insurance through EyeMed. Benefits include preferred pricing on a large selection of brand-name, designer frames, lenses and lens options subject to a copay.
        • Flexible Spending: Save pre-tax dollars for eligible health care expenses with a $500 rollover provision.
        • Life and Disability: PHS pays 100% of short/long term disability insurance premiums. PHS pays life insurance equal to the employee’s annual salary.
        • Accidental Injury: Insurance through Cigna. Accidental Injury coverage provides a fixed cash benefit when a covered person suffers injuries or undergoes a broad range of medical treatments or care resulting from a covered accident. The benefit also pays $75 per covered person per year for a physical, health screening or flu vaccine.
          • Monthly Rates:
            • Employee only: $13.64
            • Employee + Spouse: $23.08
            • Employee + Child (ren): $22.58
            • Family: $32.10

    401K Retirement Savings Plan

        • Available to all employees after a 90-day waiting period.
        • After one year of service and working 1,000 hours, PHS matches 25 percent of the first 6 percent contributed by the employee.

    Holidays, Leave, Paid Time Off and Holiday Leave Pay

    Full-time Employee (pro-rated for Part-time)

        • Eight holidays off (For nurses only, time and a half pay including Easter)
          • Employees can accrue a generous amount of PTO as well as holiday leave pay.
          • All regular full-time employees and part-time are eligible for up to five days of paid leave for bereavement, jury duty and donation of bone marrow.
        • PTO: Not eligible for use until after 90 days of employment.
          • Office Employees:
    Length of Service Days/Year
    0-36 Months 21
    37-59 Months 26
    60+ Months 31
          • Home Care Nurses:
    Length of Service Days/Year
    0-12 Months 13
    13+ Months 18

    Professional Development

        • Individual growth and professional development is encouraged.
        • PHS pays the full cost of pre-approved dues related to certain professional associations and a defined amount for professional training.
        • PHS offers clinical classes to employees at no cost.
        • Employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement for approved education related to their jobs.

    Home Care Nurses

        • PHS offers a number of shift differentials for all home care nurses.
    Type Amount
    Nights $2.50
    Weekends $1.50
    Short Notice $1.50
    Baylor 4 additional hours of pay *
    Extreme $4.00
    Stand-By $5.00
    On-Call $100.00

    *4 additional hours of pay for working 3 consecutive weekend shifts 4 out of 5 consecutive weekends

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