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Interaction restrictions

Supply pick-up at the office

We are restricting visitors inside the office and will be requiring the use of our curbside option for any patient supplies picked up at our office. When you arrive at the office, simply call the office number (listed below based on your location) and let the representative know the name of the patient you’re picking up supplies for. You can stay in your car and an employee will load the supplies in for you.

Office numbers:

Roseville – 651-642-1825
Milwaukee – 414-323-8747
Texas Houston/Dallas – 713-383-2100
Texas San Antonio – 210-737-2444
Kentucky – 859-727-7600

If you do not have a phone, you can ring the doorbell or knock on the door (depending on location) to be assisted.

Supply delivery to the home

Our service specialists will now be delivering supplies or equipment to you without entering your home. The specialist will instead set the items in a safe location outside and call the appropriate contact to let them know their delivery has arrived.

If a delivery or set-up requires a service specialist or clinician to enter the home, staff will do their best to maintain 6-foot space from others and clarify any travel or symptoms that could increase the possibility of coronavirus.

Non-essential patient visits

While many visits with patients are essential to ensure a safe care plan and continued health, we are evaluating if any are non-essential and can either be postponed or done via telecommunication. Your clinician will reach out if they want to discuss the possibility of making changes to upcoming visits.

Self-reporting symptoms

When arranging visits, clinicians will ask if anyone in your household a variety of screening questions to determine risk for our staff and others in the home. It is crucial that person-to-person contact is avoided if there is a possibility of coronavirus, and we are relying on patients, family members, and staff to be advocates and stewards of their own health and the health of others.

Preventative Maintenance

We have made an intentional decision to hold off on preventative maintenance for some of our durable medical equipment items. This action is necessary in order to reduce the risk of exposure from equipment collection and from transporting equipment into our office.

This step will also lessen the need for parts currently in short supply and high demand while helping to ensure we have resources to make emergency repairs to equipment when required.

Please know we are aware of the dates and hours on your equipment stickers. This delay in preventative maintenance does not cause a risk to your safe care. If you have any concerns about device function, contact your clinician or customer service representative and we will find a solution for your needs.

Our team will contact you once the risk has lowered and parts and supplies are more readily available for ongoing
preventative maintenance.

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