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The First Step

The first step to making the right choice is finding answers.

Pediatric Home Service has helped thousands of kids with medical complexities thrive at home. And we’re here to support your child with comprehensive clinical and support services so he or she can live as fully as possible at home with you, rather than in the hospital.

While our specialty is kids, we also provide services and support to many adult patients, helping them succeed in their communities.

We currently serve patients across the country. If you are unsure whether we are in your area, please use our service finder and contact the closest branch to you.

Ready to start care with Pediatric Home Service?

Simply give us a call or ask your doctor for a referral. If you are already working with a home care company, we’ll help handle the transition.

After that, we’ll help you with everything from high-tech equipment to obtaining reimbursement for medically necessary supplies and services.

Questions on receiving care from PHS?

Call us at 651-642-1825, and we’ll be happy to help.