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Meet Kevin

Born: 1988

Diagnosis: CHARGE syndrome, deaf, blind; bleeding disorder; immunosuppression

Services used: Respiratory, infusion nursing and pharmacy, specialized nutrition

Kevin's Challenge


Born with an extremely complex condition, Kevin was not expected to live to his first birthday. The biggest challenge was keeping Kevin free from infection.


Partnering with health care professionals, PHS infusion nurses transitioned Kevin to subcutaneous infusions (SCIG) to reduce the risk of infection. Our nutrition team adjusted his formula and supplements for better vitamin intake.

Kevin's Solution


Without PHS’s multidisciplinary care, Kevin likely would not have survived. Now, he lives as normal a life as possible at home with his family.

Share Kevin's Story

“PHS was the one constant in our lives. Kevin was so sick and fragile. Doctors said if he required hospitalization, he was at risk of infection, and they might not be able to save him. Time and time again, PHS helped us keep Kevin home, safe, and alive. He is a gift we've been able to keep because of what PHS gave us.”

- Susan, Kevin's mom

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