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MyPHS Portal Offers Messaging and Patient Information in One Easy Location

We know that managing the care of a medically complex child can be challenging. You need to maintain a lot of health information and track communication with many providers.

To help make life a little simpler, PHS is excited to introduce MyPHS Portal. Now you can access care information and stay in touch with PHS clinicians in one easy and secure location.


What are the benefits?

MyPHS Portal has features that make it easier to streamline information and manage your child’s healthcare. From electronic signatures and secure messaging to education and online ordering, our portal has it all. Here’s a screenshot of the page you see when you log in to the patient’s MyPHS Portal account:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for an account one of two ways:

  • By phone: Call our main office at 651-642-1825 and ask to get started with MyPHS Portal
  • In person: Notify us when you are in our office or when a PHS clinician visits your home.

We take patient health information very seriously and always work to keep private information safe by following strict HIPAA guidelines. MyPHS Portal is a secure system, which means the only people who can see patient information are the account holders and members of the patient’s care team.

If you notice inaccurate information in your portal account, let a PHS clinician or customer service representative know the next time you’re communicating with them and we’ll get it updated right away. You can reach us through secure messaging on your portal account or by calling.

Each patient has their own portal account, but if you are the registered account holder, you can easily switch between each account you have access to by clicking ‘viewing account’ on the top left hand side of the portal and selecting the patient whose account you want to view.

All care team members will now be communicating with patient families through the secure portal messaging system. However, anytime you receive a new message you will be notified through an email to your personal account that will prompt you to log into your portal account.

To ensure you can still send photos for questions, troubleshooting, or just to show off your cute kiddo, there is an option to attach files underneath the text box when you’re sending a message.

Yes. Just select each intended recipient when you’re in the secure messaging section, and it will be sent to those individuals.

Anytime a member of the patient’s care team sends something to you through your portal account, a notification will automatically be sent to your personal email alerting you to the item that needs your attention. Similarly, a PHS clinician will be notified via email if you send them a message or document.

The portal and online ordering are separate websites, but online ordering will automatically be linked to your portal so you will never have to worry about logging into multiple locations. Just find the ‘online ordering’ tab on the left hand side of the portal navigation to be directed to the patient’s individualized supply list.

As patients begin to transition into adulthood, we encourage them to begin engaging with their portal account to become familiar with its functionality. When a patient is over 18 years of age, he or she has full rights to setup and access a MyPHS Portal account and can complete a MyPHS Portal Proxy Request Form for any individuals they wish to grant access to. If somebody will be assuming the role of guardianship, conservatorship, or power of attorney for a patient once he or she is an adult, steps will be taken to ensure the appropriate individuals have access to the necessary accounts.

The legal guardian can give other access to MyPHS Portal by completing a MyPHS Portal Proxy Request Form, which you can request by emailing the customer service team through you MyPHS portal.

The legal guardian who granted access can also revoke access by completing the Proxy Revocation Form, which you can request by emailing the customer service team through you MyPHS portal.

Get started today 

To get started with setting up a MyPHS Portal account, talk to your PHS clinician or call 651-642-1825.