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PHS online ordering keeps getting better with recent updates to benefit our families

updates to PHS online ordering make the process even better










We launched eight months ago to make ordering supplies even more seamless for our families, allowing them to view their purchase list and order anytime day or night. With this new feature, supply management could happen on their own schedule.

Families are ordering their supplies every day at, but that doesn’t mean we’re done making improvements to better serve our patients. We have always listened to feedback and suggestions from families – and our online ordering system is no exception.

We are very excited about some brand new updates to the online ordering website, and we think you will be too.

Share cart by patient rather than user

Caregivers can save items to their cart for future access and share access with other users for a patient. This update will also allow users to save items in the cart, even with multiple patients.

TIP: use your cart as an inventory tracker – by adding items throughout the month as you need them and placing your order at the end of the month, you’ll already have all your supply needs in one spot.

Choose to receive monthly email reminders for online ordering

Users are able to set up a monthly email reminder to notify them it’s time to place an order so time doesn’t slip away unnoticed.

Send a copy of the order to the confirmation email

When you place an order online, a copy of what was ordered will be sent to the responsible party’s email address – making supply inventory and management even easier.

Shop and add items to the cart from the general shopping area

If your patient already has an item from the general shopping area on their supply list, you can now shop and add the item to the patient cart.

Give users the option to change their email address (username)

Update your email address as needed in your user profile.

General alerts on patient supply list

You will now be alerted to general PHS or product information related to our services, including notes about PHS being closed for a holiday, an item that is on backorder, or temperature factors to be aware of.

Add an alert to check out that the order has not been completed until the place order button has been clicked

Never accidentally close out of an order you meant to place again with an alert that will remind you that you haven’t completed your order yet.

Alert user of session timeout with a countdown

You won’t be caught off guard by inactivity anymore – the system will countdown before it logs out if you’ve been away from the website for a certain amount of time.

Email secondary parties when the responsible party grants access

If you’re adding another user to a patient’s account, they will be notified once they’ve been granted access to place orders on behalf of the patient.

Add date and time for pick up when choosing to pick up at PHS

We want to make sure we have your order ready for pick up if you’re coming to the office – with this feature, your order will be ready on your schedule.

Add items to cart at any point on supply orders with a moving button

Add items to your cart at any point on the page as a button follows where you are on the screen – no need to scroll to the bottom to add indicated supplies.

After placing an order, buttons are available for options to Log Off, Take Survey, and Return to Supply List

You can now manually log out after placing an order for peace of mind and security, take a survey about your online ordering experience, or return to the supply list once you’ve placed your order.

Several performance and security enhancements

Though you may not be able to see these changes at a glance, we have improved the overall performance and security of the site. These changes are to improve the overall speed and functionality of the site.

We hope this makes your online ordering experience all that much easier and more efficient – and of course, if you have any questions, we’re always available at 651-642-1825.