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15 Things Home Care Nurses Can Relate To

Being a home care nurse means being present for surprises, accomplishments and a lot of fun – what else would you add to the list?

  1. Working in home care is completely different than you thought it would be – yes, entering someone else’s home seemed weird at first, but it’s second nature to you now.
  2. You know all the words to Grease Lightning because you’re a master of figuring out tricks to make your patients’ lives less stressful.
  3. It never gets old to witness a child reaching an amazing milestone after months of working on a skill. Seeing a patient sit up on her own after months of physical therapy, or they use a few signs after weeks of repeated teaching are incredibly rewarding moments.
  4. Who needs a gym? You have major muscles from carrying all the bags and equipment that can be hung on you when you go anywhere.
  5. Staying creative and flexible are musts to do this job well – these kiddos are living their lives outside of the hospital, which keeps you on your toes.
  6. Observing the looks of amazement that friends of a patient family have when they see how far a kiddo has come since the months they last saw him makes all the work you’ve done worth it.
  7. Working in someone’s home means there’s a good chance you’re going to need to ask for things like a plunger.
  8. Sometimes communication needs to be creative – language difference, hearing issues, or other barriers to understanding can keep you on your toes.
  9. You get to spend your shift focusing on one kiddo, which means leaving at the end of the day knowing you gave it your all for this child.
  10. You will be humbled by the strength the families you care for have, and the situations they’ve been through
  11. The amazing feeling of knowing that these families trust you to take care of their child
  12. Nursing school didn’t prepare you for where you would need to provide cares – medications in Target, setting up tube feeding at the Xcel Center… you know how to find a clean corner!
  13. Going for walks with loads of equipment is an everyday occurrence. These families don’t let their child’s medical needs slow them down.
  14. One of the greatest benefits to working in home care? The relationships you develop with a patient and their family are unlike anything you would find in other healthcare realms.
  15. There is no harder, or more rewarding, job than being a home care nurse!
Originally published: December 2, 2014