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PHS Celebrates Home Care Nurse as MN Home Care Professional of the Year for 2021

PHS is thrilled to celebrate the recognition of Home Care field nurse, Julie Anderson, RN as the Minnesota Home Care Association Professional of the Year. The announcement was made at this year’s MNHCA conference on November 16th.

We are so grateful for Julie’s ongoing commitment to the medically complex population and are proud to have her as a member of the PHS team.

Julie was nominated by her incredible Home Care Nursing team and some of the patient families she cares for on a regular basis. Please enjoy this wonderful testament to the care Julie provides.


Julie demonstrates the “Strength” of home care by going above and beyond in her nursing practice on a daily basis.  Julie’s patient/client families shared just how she impacts their lives and embodies patient and family-centered care.

  • As incredible a nurse as Julie is, she is an even better person, and it’s clear that she cares deeply about providing the best possible care for our child, and for our whole family.  She is absolutely selfless, going above and beyond at every opportunity.  She is “dialed in” on every component of my child’s care – from supplies to medications, to her education, her socialization, her engagement, her medical appointments, to her medical status.  Julie is unfailingly “in tune” with and on top of any potential changes in our daughter – no matter how small – which has no doubt prevented more serious health issues from occurring.
  • “I am very happy to hear that Julie is being nominated for a nursing award. She is absolutely deserving of this! Julie is dependable, thorough, caring, and the definition of patient-centered. She has a heart of gold. Her great communication between family, other staff, and other medical professionals keeps us connected and consistent in giving the appropriate care needed, as things are ever-changing with our daughter’s needs. Julie has taken on many tasks in our home, including weekly updates, med orders, supply orders, all while making sure our daughter’s medical needs are met and that she is able to participate in school during her shifts. She knows what our daughter likes and doesn’t like and allows our daughter to make choices to direct her day and communicates well with our nonverbal child. Julie has kept a routine throughout the pandemic to give consistency and structure during a time that was difficult to find any sort of consistency or structure. Through the turnover in nursing staff we have had over the years, Julie has remained consistent and has been willing to adjust her hours as needed to accommodate what works best for our daughter and our home. Nurses like Julie are one in a million and we are very fortunate to have her in our home.”

Julie is always forward-thinking for her patients and families. Her astute clinical skills, critical thinking, and effective communication ensure her patients receive needed diagnostics, evaluations, and a safe care plan for her patient’s optimal health. In addition, Julie offers to adjust and extend her shifts, work week, or entire schedule to meet the patient’s and family’s needs. Julie proactively offers to adjust her entire schedule to accommodate staffing changes, the patient’s educational needs, and to ensure new nurses were trained in the home.

Three words that best describe Julie are astute, committed, and selfless.


Originally published: November 24, 2021