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On National Doctors Day, PHS Hosts a Medical Student from Jordan Alongside Pediatric Residents

At PHS, we know the incredible impact doctors have on the care, prognosis, and outcomes for children with medical complexities. We are fortunate to call them our partners, working alongside teams of providers to support the diverse and comprehensive needs of their patients at home.  

Last Thursday we celebrated National Doctors Day by hosting pediatric residents from the University of Minnesota as well as a medical student from Jordan for a morning of education on care in the home setting, from infusion therapy and enteral nutrition to respiratory support.

PHS hosts residents from this program on a monthly basis to provide a hands-on look at equipment and supplies in the home setting, which can vary from what is used in the hospital setting or may be something the residents have not yet encountered.  

Providing International Education

We were thrilled to have Raya, a medical student from Jordan, join us for three days of education during a trip to the United States.

After completing a month-long research rotation at the Mayo Clinic, she came to our Minneapolis office to participate in a simulation lab experience where she was able to provide hands-on care to Hal our pediatric simulator, join a respiratory therapist on a patient visit, and participate in the pediatric resident education session. 

Raya, who is the niece of a PHS biomedical technician in the Minneapolis office, is attending medical school in Jordan where she grew up and hopes to practice internationally after graduating.

“Following medical school, I plan to apply for a residency program in the United States and go to into internal medicine,” Raya shared. “It has been an amazing experience to be here for the past few days and learn from so many people.”

As a Pediatric Center of Excellence, we focus on sharing the knowledge, skills, and training of our advanced staff with members of the healthcare community across the country and the world. This way, we can all work together to provide more care to more kids.  

Originally published: April 4, 2022