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PHS Study Aims to Improve Allocation of Home Care Nursing Hours Through Qualification Tool

As the demand for pediatric home care continues to rise amidst a national nursing shortage, there is a growing need to ensure patients are receiving an appropriate number of nursing care hours based on the individual’s unique needs.  

A qualification tool developed in Minnesota considers factors like medical complexity and needed nursing interventions to help healthcare professionals calculate the number of recommended hours for a patient. This ensures the patient is neither understaffed nor overstaffed; a critical step in allocating nursing demands for patients.  

A study conducted by PHS staff* surveyed discharge planners on their calculation of nursing hours in four patient case studies using the qualification tool, later surveying parents and home care nurses on their perception of the child’s needs being met based on the outcomes. 

This study, along with background on the history, development, and application of the qualification tool, was recently published in Home Healthcare Now. You can read it in its entirety here: 

Allocation of Pediatric Home Care Nursing Hours: The Minnesota Experience

* Authors 

  • Lindsey Paitich, RN, BSN, is director of home care nursing at Pediatric Home Service, Roseville, Minnesota. Prior to becoming director of nursing, she was a home care nurse, nurse preceptor/trainer, skilled visit nurse, and case manager/nurse supervisor. 
  • Chris Luedemann, RN, BSN, MD, is a former home care nurse, clinical nurse supervisor, and home care nursing case manager at Pediatric Home Service, Roseville, Minnesota. Chris is currently completing post-graduate residency training in radiology at the University of Minnesota. 
  • Judy Giel, RRT, is chief clinical officer at Pediatric Home Service, Roseville, Minnesota, and is responsible for overseeing the clinical strategy for the company. She has held other positions within the company as senior vice president of clinical services, vice president of sales, and senior vice president of operations. She is currently past chair of the Minnesota HomeCare Association (MHCA) board of directors. 
  • Roy Maynard, MD, FAAP, is a retired neonatologist and pediatric pulmonologist serving as medical director at Pediatric Home Service, Roseville, Minnesota. He is a former executive committee member of the American Academy of Pediatrics section on home care. 
  • The authors gratefully acknowledge Eric W. Christensen, PhD, for the biostatistical analysis and Susan L. Schleusner, MSS, for editing the manuscript.  


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