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Meet The Members of Our Naked Neck Club

We know that a decannulation is a big deal – and for good reason! We want to recognize this monumental accomplishment and celebrate with you – which is we created the Naked Neck Club (NNC). A program that celebrates our trach-free patients, the club honors how far these kids have come and the journey it took to get to where they are today.

Meet a few of our members, and sign up to receive a medal and commemorative case of your own to hold all the memories from the trach days, and be featured on this page. Welcome to the club!

Gavin – age 3

Gavin, decannulated at age 2Year of decannulation: 2016

Diagnosis: born at 23 weeks gestation, grade III subglottic stenosis from a failed intubation attempt

Gavin’s hobbies: Playing with cars – he loves his dump trucks and skid loader. He also loves to fingerpaint and play with his puppy Cooper.

How it felt when Gavin was decannulated: “Scary but amazing. Scary because the trach is the only thing we knew; it is a secure airway but amazing because of the little things like, driving alone with him, being able to dump water on his head during bath time, and not suctioning his trach all of the time!” – Gavin’s mom, Karry


Lauren – age 18

Lauren, decannulated at age 11Year of decannulation: 2000

Diagnosis: Trisomy 12

Lauren’s hobbies: Going camping, shopping, and going for walks in the spring and summer. Lauren has been to Disneyland and would live there if she could!

How it felt when Lauren was decannulated: “We were so excited to have that trach out that we threw her last one as far as we could!” – Amy, Lauren’s mom

We had wonderful nurses and care from PHS. You were with us day and night. We still have PHS for our feeding tube needs we don’t know as a family what we would do without you.”


Benjamin – age 2

Benajmin, decannulated at age 2Year of decannulation: 2017

Diagnosis: Tracheomalacia, chronic lung disease, and pulmonary hypertension secondary to extreme prematurity (born at 25 weeks).

Benjamin’s  hobbies: Singing nursery rhymes, crawling over to the piano and hitting keys, and dancing to music

How it felt when Benjamin was decannulated:  “There are no words… it was the day we felt would never come.” Marie, Benjamin’s mom.

“We love PHS! You guys were a Godsend to us in the midst of constant upheaval, uncertain diagnoses, and our journey to navigate the world of parenting a medically fragile child. Thank you for not only making our lives that much less complicated and stressful, but first treating us with kindness and respect.”

Brenden – age 6

Brenden, decannulated at age 1Year of decannulation: 2012

Diagnosis: 25 week preemie with chronic lung disease of prematurity

Brenden’s hobbies: Bike riding, swimming, playing outside, dancing and singing

One word to describe how it felt when Brenden was decannulated: Thankful

“PHS helped up every step of the way! As parents of a child with a trach and feeding tube, they helped us gain confidence in our abilities to support and help Brenden thrive at home.”


Cayden – age 3

naked neck club member CaydenYear of decannulation: 2017

Diagnosis: Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, or chronic lung disease

Cayden’s hobbies: Going outside for walks and play with trucks

How it felt when Cayden was decannulated: I felt like there should have been a bigger celebration or something but it was strange to have so much free time not having to do all of his trach cares!


Cameron – age 2

Year of decannulation: 2018

Diagnosis: Prematurity and chronic lung disease, subglottic stenosis

Cayden’s hobbies: Playing with cars and tractors, playing with water, reading books

How it felt when Cameron was decannulated:Getting decannulated was life changing. Freedom. He was supposed to have surgery and be decannulated in January but because of complications it didn’t happen. So we are so grateful it finally happened! As scary as the trach can be at first, it was all worth it to get us where we are today!

Cora – age 5

Year of decannulation: 2019

Diagnosis: CHARGE Syndrome

Cora’s hobbies: Reading, taking walks, playing music

How it felt when Cora was decannulated: She was excited beforehand but nervous when it actually happened




Want to join the club? You’re just a click away from having your own memorabilia box and medal.


Originally published: May 17, 2017