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Celebrating PHS Respiratory Therapists

All this week, PHS is honoring our team of respiratory therapists and clinical specialists. We’re proud they help all PHS kiddos thrive in the home and keep the kids and families safe and comfortable at home. We do our best to ensure they have the latest training, skills, equipment, and supplies to guide parents and other caregivers in taking care of each child.

PHS is excited to be celebrating National Respiratory Therapy Week (October 23-29) with fun internal events that highlight our respiratory therapists and clinical support staff. Events such as a muffin and coffee breakfast gathering, and a building wide scavenger hunt that runs the whole week long have really made this celebration a lot of fun.

So, Happy Respiratory Therapy Week to our precious PHS RT’s, including these therapists and clinical specialists pictured below. PHS RT’s are the best around, no doubt about that!

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Originally published: October 28, 2011