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Cleaning Bivona Trach Tubes

**NOTE** Bivona tracheostomy (trach) tubes were unavailable from the manufacturer for a period of time, but we are happy to announce that PHS is removing the limit of two on the number of Bivona trach tubes you can order each month. The manufacturer of Bivona trach tubes assures PHS it is now able to return to full production.

Please note: PHS must still follow insurance limits on the number of trach tubes you can order each month.

Thank you to all our families for working with us since March through the manufacturer shortage of Bivona trach tubes.

However, we want to remind you of the option to clean and reuse any Bivona trach tubes, obturators, and wedges you already have. You can clean and disinfect the trach tube up to five times. Always wash your hands and put on medical gloves when cleaning and disinfecting the trach tube.

Cleaning a Bivona Trach Tube


Cleaning a bivona trach tube - step 1

Place trach tube, obturator, and wedge in clean container filled with hot water and standard dish soap.

Allow parts to soak in soapy water for 60 minutes.


Cleaning a bivona trach tube - step 2

Use cotton tip swab to thoroughly clean inside and outside of:

– Trach tube flange
– Trach tube hub
– Trach tube shaft

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you remove all mucus from the trach tube.


Cleaning a bivona trach tube - step 3

Completely rinse trach tube, obturator, and wedge with hot water.

Disinfect trach tube, obturator, and wedge.

Disinfecting a Bivona Trach Tube


disinfecting a bivona trach tube - step 1

Fill clean pot with water. Bring water to rolling boil on stove.

Remove pot from heat after water begins to rapidly boil.


disinfecting a bivona trach tube - step 2

Immediately place trach tube, obturator, and wedge into water.

Cover pot with lid and allow water to cool.


Disinfecting bivona trach tubes - step 3

Wash work surface and cover with clean towel.

Place all items on the clean towel and allow to air dry completely.

Store items in clean container.

Contact us with any questions

As always, PHS is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns related to our patient’s medical needs. Feel free to contact us or your respiratory therapist for more information.

Originally published: March 6, 2019
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  • Raymond Cahill
    Reply to Raymond CahillComment ID#: 49166

    I don’t have a spare, so what do i do just remove it and clean it and reinstall when I’m done cleaning it ? or should I see my Ent? Thx.

    • Pediatric Home Service
      Reply to Pediatric Home ServiceComment ID#: 49170

      Hi Raymond, Thanks for your question. Thankfully, the shortage has been resolved and all suppliers should be back to full stock. Regardless, it is a good idea to talk with your ENT about the benefits of a backup.

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