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John’s Troubleshooting Tip of the Month: Common Alarms on Infinity Food Pumps

PHS understands how stressful it can be when a piece of equipment isn’t working properly, and we want to help resolve any issues as soon as possible for you. So, once a month, PHS Respiratory Therapist, John Sheahan posts a tip on how to troubleshoot a common error with a piece of equipment.

This month we will finish up on the most common alarms you may receive when using the Infinity Teal and Infinity Orange food pump.

  • Alarm Message: Push Run to Feed
    • Problem: Food Pump paused for more than 2 minutes.
    • What to do:
      • 1. To start feeding: press RUN/PAUSE keypad button two times or
      • 2. To turn Food Pump OFF, hold ON/OFF keypad button
  • Alarm Message: Shut Door
    • Problem: Door is open
    • What to do:
      • 1. Push in latch and close Food Pump door completely.
      • 2. Call PHS at 651-642-1825 if latch is broken
  • Alarm Message: ER01-ER99 or ERRA-ERRZ
    • Problem: Many factors can cause this alarm message.
    • What to do:
      • 1. Hold ON/OFF keypad button until Food Pump turns OFF.
      • 2. Hold ON/OFF keypad button until Food Pump turns ON.
      • 3. Call PHS if same message reappears in display window.
  • If the volume delivered by the Food Pump in NOT the same as the dose set
    • Reasons: Formula or Breast Milk was NOT correctly measured before placed in feeding bag, or a small amount (12.5 mL) of Formula or Breast Milk in Feeding Bag Tubing is not delivered to child.
    • What to do:
      • 1. Make sure Formula or Breast Milk is correctly measured before placing in Feeding Bag.
      • 2. Be sure to add an extra 30 mL of Formula or Breast Milk into Feeding Bag at the beginning of each feeding.
      • 3. Call PHS in problem continues.

John Sheahan, RRT-NPS, LRTJohn Sheahan, RRT-NPS, LRT is a Licensed Respiratory Therapist at PHS and would love to hear from you if you have a tip that you’ve found helps when working with your equipment, or have an idea for a Troubleshooting Tip post. Share your tip or idea through a comment here or an email to John at

Originally published: February 13, 2012

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