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PHS Patient Lucas Becomes King of His High School

As a senior in high school, Lucas has a long list of titles he can claim from his four years there – Manager of the girls’ varsity basketball team, performer at “The Coffeehouse” (a café the school puts on a few times a year where students can audition to perform), and now, Homecoming King.

Last Friday, Minnetonka High School celebrated its homecoming with a pep rally and parade on Friday before the football game, and a dance on Saturday. After being one of 10 male nominees for Homecoming King, Lucas was particularly excited for the pep fest where the king and queen would be announced.

“I’ve always wanted to be the king. I’m happy my school likes me so much. And I’m excited to wear a suit,” Lucas said when we caught up with him the day before the pep fest.

Thriving In The Community

At PHS, we believe that kids should be able to receive care at home so they can be surrounded by family, friends, and the everyday activities of childhood. We first introduced you to Lucas on our patient page when he was 9 years old and receiving infusion therapy and nutrition support from PHS, and have been sharing his adventures to Disney World, removal of his central line, and participation in iCAN Hoop ever since.  Lucas is one incredible example of a child with medical complexities who, despite having additional challenges to overcome, has immersed himself in his community and the experiences high school has to offer, and we could not be more proud to have been involved in his journey that got him to this point.

Following his crowning at the pep fest, Lucas got to ride in a convertible during the parade through downtown Excelsior to do his royal greeting alongside the queen and was even interviewed by WCCO for a news story when they caught wind of his big win.


Originally published: October 1, 2018