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Meet Lucas

Born: 2001

Diagnosis: Down syndrome, hirschsprung’s disease, short bowel syndrome (SBS)

Services used: Infusion nursing and pharmacy, specialized nutrition

Lucas' Challenge


Within the first four months of his life, Lucas underwent surgeries to remove most of his large intestine and a portion of his small intestine. The central IV line he needs to survive was causing infections at least once a month.


PHS manages nutrition through infusion therapy (TPN and enteral) and limited oral feedings.PHS nurses also conduct lab draws, assessments, and work on infection control education with caregivers.

Lucas' Solution


Services from PHS have basically eliminated Lucas’ infections and has kept him out of the hospital for more than a year. Lucas just had his central IV line removed, and is a thriving boy who eats real food, goes to school, and plays baseball.

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“When Lucas is having a tough time, I call PHS first. They have trained me to know what to look for and coached me about how to better care for my son.”

- Julie, Lucas's mom

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