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Meet Lexi

Born: 2005

Diagnosis: Bi-lateral Wilms’ tumor (kidney cancer)

Services used: Infusion nursing and pharmacy, specialized nutrition

Lexi's Challenge


Lexi received a kidney from her mother after losing both of her kidneys at just 17 months old. After surgery to remove her kidneys, but before her transplant, Lexi completed chemotherapy and required daily kidney dialysis. She also needed vigilant monitoring to prepare for her transplant.


PHS provided infusion therapy, enteral feedings, and all the supplies to keep Lexi at home before her transplant.

Lexi's Solution


At-home medical attention from PHS helped Lexi and her family maintain a ‘normal’ lifestyle in between two major surgeries.

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“Working with PHS helped us feel like we were more in control of managing all aspects of Lexi's care and allowed us to stay at home.”

- Maria, Lexi's mom (and her kidney donor)

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