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Top 5 Reasons to Use a PHS Supply Sheet

“Where is that _____?!”

Not the frazzled question you want at 3 a.m.

PHS parents who diligently use a supply sheet for their children’s home health care medical equipment and supplies tell us it keeps them more organized and minimizes the risks of not having what they need, when they need it.

Lisa Jenson, RRT-NPS, LRT and PHS Customer Service Manager, agrees. “We encourage parents and caregivers to take just 5 minutes each day to at least look through their supply sheets. Of course we’re always here to help and take orders, yet using the supply sheet can help parents avoid hassles.”



Efficient, accurate, time-saving


Here are Lisa’s top five reasons to use a PHS supply sheet:

  1. Allows you to more efficiently organize your inventory, since the recommended “On Hand” is printed by each item.
  2. Saves you time in placing orders.
  3. Ensures accurate orders, since item numbers are listed for easy reference.
  4. Helps you identify the correct product by using the “Alternate Description.”
  5. Allows you to compare the “Order” to the “Delivered” items when you receive your products, so you know your order is complete.

Lisa also encourages parents to organize their home health care equipment and supplies. See advice from two PHS moms on how to best organize your supplies.

What works best in using your supply sheet? Do you have tips that can help other parents? Tips that can help PHS best help you? We’re always open to your ideas.

Lisa Jenson, RRT-NPS, LRT, Customer Service ManagerLisa Jenson, RRT-NPS, LRT, is Customer Service Manager at PHS. A staff member since 2003, she has held a variety of positions including staff mentor and field clinical educator for the Respiratory Department, subject matter expert for the Education Department, and primary clinician for assigned caseload of ventilator and trach-dependent children discharged to the home.

Originally published: January 14, 2011