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Meet PHS Top Spots Winners Alongside Patient Advocate Maisy

Back in June, we announced the 2019 PHS Top Spots Winners – a list of local destinations and organizations who are particularly considerate of children and families who require unique accommodations or accessibility requests,  as voted on by the special needs community. 

And while it’s great to have this handy list available for the next time you’re planning an outing, we had to get out and see a few of these places firsthand and meet some of the people who help make it happen along the way. We brought PHS patient advocate Maisy along to make sure these spots are kid-tested, and heard a little bit about why it’s so important to create a space where special needs family feel welcome.

Join us as we visit a few of our winners:

We are so thankful for all these incredible organizations and teams who make our community a little more accessible and friendly for everyone. If you would like a PDF of all the winners for easy access, you can download it here:

2019 PHS Top Spots Winners



Originally published: August 13, 2019