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Wisconsin Ventilator Certification

This eight hour classroom program meets the State of Wisconsin DHS required 14 elements of Respiratory Care Service training for licensed healthcare professional participants to be certified to care for a ventilator dependent patient in the home. Much of the class involves hands-on learning with ventilators, tubing circuits, tracheostomy tubes, and other pieces of equipment used in the home settings. Time will be allotted for you to set parameters on a ventilator, change an oxygen tank regulator, and perform a tracheostomy tube change on a mannequin. Letters of completion for both ADULT and PEDIATRIC certification will be awarded at the end of class. This certification is valid for two years, less one day, from the date of the class.

Eight (8) contact hours will be awarded upon completion of this class.

Objectives: Upon completion of this class you will be able to

1. Describe the differences between volume and pressure ventilation.

2. Identify the differences between Assist Control and SIMV modes of ventilation.

3. Identify three types of adventitious lung sounds.

4. Perform an emergency tracheostomy tube change.

5. Formulate a patient specific Emergency Action Plan.

6. Change an oxygen tank regulator from an empty to a full cylinder.

7. Demonstrate how to properly check and use a resuscitation bag.

8. Perform a safety check of emergency backup equipment in the home.

If no session dates are listed please contact PHS to schedule a class date. 

Price: $300

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