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Meet Ireland

Born: 2007

Diagnosis: Long-gap congenital esophageal atresia

Services used: Respiratory, infusion nursing and pharmacy, home care nursing, specialized nutrition

Ireland's Challenge


What doctors thought were breathing difficulties at birth turned out to be far more serious: Ireland’s esophagus wasn’t connected to the rest of her digestive tract. Her first reconstructive surgery failed, causing a massive infection. The biggest challenge was avoiding additional infections while helping her develop properly.


PHS respiratory therapists provided heated humidity and oxygen support, as well as a feeding pump, trach supplies and nutrition supplies. PHS infusion nursing and pharmacy provided antibiotics on a regular basis to get and keep Ireland infection free at home.

Ireland's Solution


Ireland had surgery in 2013 to create an esophagus from a portion of her colon. Today, she’s thriving at home with her family where she belongs. You can keep up with Ireland by clicking ‘read more on our blog‘ below, where we learn about #theluckyfew and how she continues to amaze everyone.

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