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ENFit: Feeding Bag Tubing

ENFit Feeding Bag Transition Status

All PHS provided feeding bags have transitioned over to the ENFit connection with the white temporary adapter.

enfit feeding bag connector shape

Option 1

Feedings using the ENFit connections.

With first use:

  1. Remove the feeding bag from the package, completely remove the attached ENFit temporary adapter and put it in the trash.
  2. Twist the ENFit connection on the feeding bag into the ENFit connection of the feeding tube or extension.
  3. Begin feeding.

Option 2

Feedings using the ENFit temporary adapter.

Before each use:

    1. Remove the ENFit temporary adapter from the packaging and attach it to the feeding bag, rotating one half turn. Do not over tighten which could damage the adapter or make it difficult to remove the adapter from the feeding bag.
    2. Begin feeding.
    3. Immediately remove and thoroughly wash the ENFit temporary adapter when the feeding is finished. Leftover formula may cause the ENFit temporary adapter to disconnect from the feeding tube or extension.
    4. Completely dry temporary adapter prior to re-connecting to the feeding tube or extension.

Further Questions?

Click here to visit our ENFit FAQ section with answers to common questions related to the ENFit connector changes. Or for additional information please visit the GEDSA website.