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ENFit: Tubes and Extensions

ENFit Feeding Tubes & Extensions

Information below is categorized by type of tube and the brand of the extensions. If you are unsure which tube your child uses, please reference the product packaging.

Feeding Tubes

Low profile feeding tubes are not changing, however the extensions are currently available with ENFit adapters.

MIC* Tube

PHS has 14 and 16fr ENFit MIC* Tubes available.

PEG/GJ/J Tubes

While PHS does not provide these tubes, they will be impacted by the ENFit change. Talk with your doctor about your transition to ENFit. PHS stocks the Corpak Repair Kits in sizes 12 and 16 fr.

PHS has available both the legacy (pre-ENFit) and ENFit nasal tubes available:

nasal feeding tube legacy and enfit


PHS has available both the Legacy (pre-ENFit) and the ENFit extensions.

Note: Low profile feeding tube kits are available with Legacy or ENFit extensions.

mic key extensions legacy and ENFit

PHS has the Legacy (pre-ENFit) and ENFit available. Other extensions are available for ENFit, please contact PHS.

Note: Low profile feeding tube kits are now available with Legacy or ENFit extensions.

Extensions: Legacy and ENFit- AMT

Further Questions?

Click here to visit our ENFit FAQ section with answers to common questions related to the ENFit connector changes. Or for additional information please visit the GEDSA website.