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Meet Josie

Born: 2002

Diagnosis: Gastrostomy, chronic sinusitis, dermatomyositis

Services used: Infusion nursing and pharmacy

Josie's Challenge


Josie’s initial prognosis was very poor, and she continues to battle against her dermatomyositis diagnoses.


PHS helped Josie come and stay home after surgery. PHS partners with hospital and clinic health care professionals, plus Josie’s parents, to ensure her food pump and IVIG and steroid  infusion medications, are stable, safe, and healthy.

Josie's Solution


Though there is no cure for dermatomyositis, consistent care and caregiver training helps Josie thrive at home. She loves school, playing with three older siblings, and can usually be found on the trampoline.

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“Having a sick child is not the end of the world. Josie remains right here in her comfort area while getting the medications and care she needs. PHS also trained us to care for her, all so she can stay at home, right where she belongs.”

- Jay, Josie’s dad

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