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Meet Tana

Born: 1996

Diagnosis: Spina bifida, central line hypo ventilation (CCHS), Arnold-Chiari malformation, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Services used: Respiratory, infusion nursing and pharmacy, specialized nutrition

Tana's Challenge


PHS’s main challenge is preventing illness, which for Tana can become life-threatening.


Partnering with health care professionals, PHS’s multidisciplinary team has helped Tana’s family keep her at home, even through extended periods of critical illnesses when most kids would have been hospitalized.

Tana's Solution


Expected to live to age five, Tana is now an adult and enjoys a high quality of life. She lives at home with her family, goes to school, travels to the cabin on weekends, and even takes trips to Mexico and Disney World.

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“I'm a mom and a nurse. I know what parents are going through, and I say this from my heart: This is a company that truly brings the child home, keeps the child home, and takes care of the family in a way that allows us to live a normal life.”

- Jill, Tana's mom

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