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Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)

PHS Home Care for Patients With Short Bowel Syndrome

Pediatric home care is what we do. For more than two decades, PHS has provided compassionate, comprehensive, specialized, high quality in-home care to pediatric patients, no matter what their medical challenges.

A multidisciplinary PHS team collaborates to do everything possible to help our patients with short bowel syndrome live life to the fullest – at home.

  • PHS infusion nurses obtain laboratory specimens in the home and educate home caregivers on how to provide the patient’s PN.
  • PHS dietitians monitor ongoing laboratory values and the pediatric patient’s growth.
  • PHS home care nurses provide scheduled visits or round-the-clock care.
  • PHS pharmacists provide intravenous nutrition for patients with SBS.
  • Because a diagnosis requiring frequent interaction with the medical community is stressful for all family members, a PHS clinical social worker is available to help, as well as provide individual therapy. A social worker may also provide support in locating additional information, programs, services and community resources specific to a SBS diagnosis.
  • The PHS medical director attends team care rounds and presents medical updates and new treatment modalities in caring for patients with SBS.
  • PHS provides medical equipment and supplies needed by a patient with SBS.
  • PHS provides 24/7 on-call assistance to families receiving our service.

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About Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome is a condition that results from loss of a significant portion of a child’s bowel. This causes an alteration of intestinal digestion and absorption of nutrients and vitamins, which affects a child’s growth. To grow and develop, these children require extra attention to their nutritional status. Many require nutrition that is given intravenously (parenteral nutrition known as PN.) They may also require extra care for adjustments associated with oral or tube feedings.

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