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Celebrating 1 Year of Providing Comprehensive Care Throughout Wisconsin

It’s hard to believe that we’re already coming up on our first birthday in Wisconsin – a milestone that celebrates bringing comprehensive care home with the opening of our Milwaukee-based office. During this time we have formed incredible new partnerships within the healthcare community, met inspiring patients who are some of the strongest people we know, and worked alongside parents and caregivers to understand their needs and concerns while providing training to help ensure success at home. 

What a year it’s been – while it’s impossible to recap all that has happened over 365 days in one post, there are a few moments and highlights that stand out for this team.

Since opening our doors on August 6:

A team of strength

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to provide the second-to-none care that we do throughout Wisconsin without our incredible Milwaukee staff. Hear what the team had to say about one another recently.

Rob Smallins, branch manager

Why is PHS a better place because of Rob?

Rob is a great leader and dedicated to this team – his drive to do well and take care of our patients benefit PHS and the kiddos.

Sarah Brundidge, respiratory therapist & clinical educator

What is Sarah’s best quality or strength?

She has an incredible knowledge of the respiratory field, and loves educating and sharing that knowledge in an impactful way.

Ruthie Dzick, respiratory therapist

What is Ruthie’s best quality or strength?

Ruthie always has a unique perspective and keeps a smile on everyone’s face. Her laid back approach and ability to learn quickly make her a really valuable member of the team.

Nicki Immekus, respiratory therapist

Why is PHS a better place because of Nicki?

Nicki is a strong advocate for her patients, bringing her upbeat attitude to the workplace and her patients homes.

Krista Warner, outreach representative

Why is PHS a better place because of Krista?

Krista bring a new perspective and strives to make the branch better every day – her experience in the field and positive energy make her a joy to be around!

Justin Dahlberg, office coordinator

What is Justin’s best quality or strength?

Justin is incredibly hard working, and handles everything at the office. He keeps this branch up and running with his attention to detail and organization.

Looking forward to continued care

We were founded on the belief that children with even the most complex medical needs can receive safe care at home where they are surrounded by friends and family. One year into being able to serve even more families thanks to our expansion, we are honored to have helped more than 250 kiddos receive care at home across Wisconsin and look forward to the many years and families ahead as we continue to provide comprehensive care.

Originally published: July 30, 2019