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3 Ways We Celebrated Feeding Tube Awareness Week

Last week, our staff got busy getting tattoos and taking selfies around the office. And while that might sound like an odd way to spend time, it was all in the name of awareness and appreciation for our “tubie kids” – patients who receive at least some (and often most or all) of their nutrients through a feeding tube.

Show us your hearts

mollyFeeding Tube Awareness week was February 7-13, and the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation helped us get the word out with some temporary tattoos. Our staff could show off their ink from the Tubie Tattoo Shop to their co-workers as well as share on social media, and because everyone loves a little friendly competition, our dietitians held an Instagram contest for staff to compete for the most ‘likes’ they got on their pictures.

We think it’s pretty easy to see why our customer service representative, Molly, won! Want to see all the entries? Follow us on Instagram.

Hannah stays active

H and MWhile feeding tubes may seem daunting at first, many parents mention how they eventually just become another everyday step – just like preparing a meal is something we all do multiple times a day. And as a teenager, Hannah has been able to not only independently manage a lot of her feedings, she’s been able to do so while living an active life.

“Hannah’s tube feedings provide her the supplemental nutrition she requires to be an active teenager.  Some of her favorite activities include roller skating, rock climbing, karate, biking, and gymnastics (tumbling and trampoline),” says her PHS dietitian, Maria.

Maria caught up with her during Feeding Tube Awareness Week and asked Hannah what her one piece of advice to tubies everywhere was – “don’t skip your feedings!”

A change of profile

ftawWhen it comes to social media, the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation has an abundance of ideas on how to generate conversation and recognition on your social media pages. Curious about their suggestions? Check out their 8 ways to raise awareness on social media.

To show our support, the PHS Facebook page changed its profile picture to the official Feeding Tube Awareness Week logo, and let the conversation spread from there. With a number of followers sharing the photo onto their personal Facebook pages and getting support from their friends and families, we were happy to see conversations starting and awareness being brought to a lifesaving intervention that brings so much opportunity to the patients we care for.

Originally published: February 17, 2016