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How We Ensure Homecare Patients Have a Voice at the Capitol

William J Amberg, MA, JDOur main goal at PHS is to keep kids safe at home. In order for this to happen we have to ensure that medically-complex homecare patients are kept in mind as policies and laws change at the capitol. Not only are the cost savings immense when looking at homecare vs hospital based care, but our patients progress and heal best at home, with their families, pets, and friends, where they are most comfortable.

One way PHS ensures this top of mind thought with our representatives is by lobbying for pediatric homecare.  To help us strengthen our voice on Capitol Hill, we are excited to welcome William Amberg, MA, JD, to the PHS team. Coming to us from Ewald Consulting, where he served as a government relations attorney and public relations consultant the past six years, Amberg brings an immense amount of political knowledge and passion for our industry.  He will serve as liaison for local government, state congressional and executive branch relations in his new position with PHS, and we’re thrilled to have him.
“After three years of independently representing Pediatric Home Service with Ewald, I couldn’t be more eager to join the team full time,” says Amberg. “I look forward to dedicating my time to representing the interests of our patients, our patients’ families and our Pediatric Home Service family.”
Kids heal best at home, and PHS will always work to ensure your children have the chance to thrive at home by ensuring your voice is heard with our state governments.
Originally published: January 18, 2013

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