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Know the Nurses: Desirae Newman

If you have a home care nurse in your home, you already know what an important part of your life they become. Today in Know the Nurses, we’re introducing you to home care nurse trainer Desirae Newman, RN, BSN, PHN, LSN, who has been with PHS since January 2013. Want to learn more about the home care nursing department and how we train new hires? Check out this post.

We already know these nurses provide comprehensive, round-the-clock care for patients in their homes every day, but here are a few fun facts about Desirae you might not know. 

  1. I was born at my Grandparent’s home in Roseville, MN. No, this was not planned.  Apparently I was just in a hurry to make my entrance into the world.
  2. 386575_2287573190288_1914241693_250I lived in the same house my entire life growing up.
  3. I am a University of Minnesota Nursing graduate.
  4. PHS was my first job as a nurse.
  5. I love watching hockey and had season tickets for gopher men’s hockey throughout my time as a student at the U. The student section at these games is a blast!
  6. I always knew I wanted to work in peds, but had no idea I would end up being a homecare nurse. I was actually referred to PHS by a complete stranger who was remodeling my friend’s home at the same time I was in search of a job.  He had a friend whom he said loved working for the company so I decided to check it out—and here I am! (Special shoutout to that stranger’s friend, whoever you are!)
  7. I  11046344_10106144856774700_9077261230987846706_250HATE winter. There are only 2 things that make me a Minnesotan for life: family and all the giant bugs (especially spiders) that live in the south!
  8. I’m a fan of live music (especially country) and I love Keith Urban. I have seen him in concert many times—I even ruffled his hair once! I have vowed to purchase tickets each time he is back in MN.
  9. I enjoy hunting and fishing with my dad whenever I get the chance.
  10. 11168916_10155940019675542_5529982867896537714_250I am a homebody. My idea of a perfect Saturday night would be brats on the grill, a bonfire, and maybe a movie on the couch if it’s not too late!
  11. I have had a weird obsession with picnics my entire life. Just the thought of a perfect grassy hill, a checkered blanket, and a picnic basket makes me happy.
  12. I secretly love Harry Potter. One of the only series of books that I can read over and over again without it losing my interest.
  13. I recently picked up gardening. The house I now live in has a big, pretty yard and gardening has become one of my favorite pastimes.
  14. Guilty pleasure: Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Orange County. I am embarrassed/proud to say I have never missed an episode!

We love learning more about home care nurses and hearing their stories. Do you know a PHS nurse who you’d like to see highlighted? Leave his or her name here or on our Facebook page and we’ll take it from there! If you’re interested in starting your career with PHS, click here

Originally published: October 27, 2015