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Know the Nurses: Kris Wolf

Today in Know the Nurses we’re introducing you to one of our private duty nurses, Kris Wolf, RN, BSN, who has been with PHS since April 2011. We already know these nurses provide comprehensive, round-the-clock care for patients in their homes every day, but here are a few fun facts about Kris you might not know.


On becoming a nurse


I was an airplane crew chief for DC-9’s when I decided to become a nurse. I always wanted to know “why” growing up and that seemed a good way to put that to use.  I learned assessment skills to determine which “specialist” to call in for repair.  But, planes don’t smile, laugh, cry, or interact in any way.

After a time working with troubled youth, I knew I wanted to keep working with people.  Nursing let me use those assessment skills.

When the hydraulics aren’t working, call the cardiologist. When the plumbing isn’t working, check in with gastroenterology. If it’s an electrical problem, it may be neuro. The skin on a plane has to be inspected and intact to fly. Oh and for brakes and wheels, don’t forget physical therapy, or a podiatrist. Our bodies are so fearfully and wonderfully made.IMG_0001

I had some detours along the way outside of traditional nursing. Married with 2 small children, we went to Africa where we helped train nurses for a sub-Sahara desert hospital and leprosy outreach in Meskine Cameroon.  That has forever changed our lives.

I think teaching is often at the heart of much of what I do. I have enjoyed many years as a discussion group leader with Bible Study Fellowship International, and I can’t seem to give up teaching and coaching swimming.P1000783

When our children were older, I formally rejoined the world of nursing. I love the opportunities to think on my feet, and enjoy the wonderful smiles – especially of my littlest clients.

What a joy to work at PHS.


A few more facts

  • P1050725I am from Brainerd and married a wonderful Wolf from Kansas.
  • I have been a lifeguard since 1976.
  • I enjoy hiking, climbing, biking, swimming, playing piano.
  • I visited our Compassion International children in Ecuador last year and volunteered in a hospital clinic that was built by the father of one of our other nurses! What a small world.
  • I live on a small farm but have no animals, not even a cat or dog.


We love learning more about private duty nurses and hearing their stories. Do you know a PHS nurse who you’d like to see highlighted? 

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Originally published: September 10, 2013