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Medicaid Covered in the Event of a State Shutdown

We know you have been monitoring the news, watching for a potential state shutdown and the extent of its impact.  So have we.

In the last few days, the Ramsey County District Court heard petitions from the Attorney General and Governor for services that should be deemed critical and thus continued during a shutdown.  Both proposed that benefits to recipients and payments to providers, under the state Medicaid program, be deemed critical.

Today the court responded.  We are pleased with the court’s Order to officially deem PHS patient’s benefits and our services as “core functions,” meaning that funding will continue even in the event of a state shutdown.  It is this decision that will protect your access, because providers like PHS will continue to receive the payment necessary to continue service.

While we are assured by the court’s Order, we hope that the legislature will find common ground, avoiding a shutdown that will no doubt impact much of our daily lives.

Read Judge Gearin’s full court ruling here. Reference to Medicaid coverage can be found at the bottom of page 15.

Originally published: June 29, 2011