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MyPHS Portal Offers Messaging and Patient Information in One Easy Location

When caring for a child with medical complexities, there are a lot of details and pieces of information to keep straight. PHS is always looking for ways to help make life a little simpler – and we’re excited to announce that we’ve created a patient portal to do just that. MyPHS Portal is now available for all of our patients to access certain care information, secure messaging with their care team, electronic signature capabilities, and more.

We wanted to give you a look into what this portal will look like and answer your questions about the registration process, functionality, and more. Keep reading for an overview of each section available on patient portal accounts and the top FAQs. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we will get it answered for you right away!

Interested in getting an account set up? Call 651-642-1825 and ask to get started with MyPHS Portal, or talk to your PHS clinician.

general patient information in MyPHS Portal
The MyPHS Portal patient information page

When you first login to your MyPHS Portal page, you will be brought to the patient information tab. Here, we encourage you to upload a photo of the patient and use the page as a home base for navigating the portal. You will notice this page also lists the patients known allergies, insurance providers, and physicians. If you notice anything is incorrect in any section, please let a PHS customer service representative know the error and the correct information so we can update it as quickly as possible.

You can change your password, update your profile photo, or manage any other settings. Just hover over your email address on the top righthand corner of the screen, as shown in the image below:

Users can create a unique profile in MyPHS Portal
Secure messaging in MyPHS Portal

Need to message one, or multiple, of your clinicians about something related to your child’s medical care? The secure messaging tab is where you can do that. When you click on that option, you will see the page above. If you have a message from a PHS clinician it will show up where it currently says “there are no messages!” and if you want to see the messages you’ve sent, you can do that by clicking ‘sent’. Your child’s care team will be listed to the left, and will automatically open a new message box for you when you click on their information.

If you want to send a message to multiple people, simply click ‘new message’ and select all of the clinicians you would like it to be sent to, as shown in the photo below. You can also send a message directly to customer service.

An example of the messaging system within MyPHS Portal
The patient's care team in MyPHS Portal
An example of the care team page available for patients in MyPHS Portal

Trying to recall your child’s clinician or wanting to put a face to the name of the home care nurse coming to work a shift soon? The care team tab shows you the PHS staff who work with this patient at a glance. Easily message a patient care team member by clicking the ‘send message’ button.

E-sign documents available in MyPHS Portal
An example of the eSign documents page in MyPHS Portal

To make it even easier for guardians to sign forms and letters, PHS utilizes electronic signature functionality for sending documents to families. If you are sent a document in need of a signature, you will also receive an email notification. Once you login to your portal account, click on the ‘eSign Documents tab‘ on the lefthand side. You will see the screen shown above – any items sent to you will appear where you currently see ‘no data.’ Simply click on the message to be directed through the process.

Education available at MyPHS Portal
An example of the education videos available in MyPHS Portal

Feeling confident in the care you provide and day to day life with a medically complex child makes all the difference in the world. You will now have access to education specifically catered to your child’s needs at your fingertips with the education tab of your portal account to help answer questions you might have. Education is divided by category as well as type (documents and video), for anything from equipment troubleshooting to supply organization and hand hygiene for safe care. Of course, we are also always available by phone 24/7 for any questions or concerns you have for a clinician.

Online ordering access from MyPHS Portal
An example of the PHS online ordering page, available from MyPHS Portal

If you’re already enjoying the ease of monthly online ordering for your PHS supplies, this will all be managed under the Online Ordering tab of MyPHSPortal nowWhen you click that option in navigation, you will automatically be redirected to the homepage you’re already familiar with for ordering supplies. There is no need to sign in to both accounts.

If you don’t have online ordering for supplies, the first time you click on ‘online ordering’, an account will be automatically created for the patient with their complete supply list. From there, you will be able to utilize online ordering for your monthly supply orders! This page will open in a new tab so you can easily continue to access your portal account.

Online bill pay available from MyPHS Portal
A sample of the PHS bill pay page, available from MyPHS Portal

PHS billing statements you receive can also be managed online through MyPHSPortal under the Bill Pay tab. Similar to online ordering, clicking this option in the left hand navigation will lead you to an outside, secure website, as shown above, where you can continue the process of paying a bill. This page will open in a new tab so you can easily continue to access your portal account.

My PHS Portal frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for a MyPHS Portal account?

You can sign up for an account one of two ways:

  • By phone: Call our main office at 651-642-1825 and ask to get started with MyPHS Portal
  • In person: Notify us when you are in our office or when a PHS clinician visits your home.

How do I know my child's information is safe on the portal?

We take patient health information very seriously and always work to keep private information safe by following strict HIPAA guidelines. MyPHS Portal is a secure system, which means the only people who can see patient information are the account holders and members of the patient’s care team.

I see information that needs to be updated in my portal. How can I change it?

If you notice inaccurate information in your portal account, let a PHS clinician or customer service representative know. We’ll get it updated right away. You can reach us through secure messaging on your portal account or by calling.

I have more than one child who receives care from PHS - will they each have their own account?

Each patient has their own portal account. However, if you are the registered account holder, you can easily switch between each account you have access to. Simply click ‘viewing account’ on the top left hand side of the portal, and select the patient whose account you want to view.

Can I still email my clinician like I used to rather than use the secure messaging?

All care team members will now be communicating with patient families through the secure portal messaging system. However, anytime you receive a new message you will be notified through an email to your personal account that will prompt you to log into your portal account.

Can I include attachments with my message in MyPHS?

You can send photos for questions, troubleshooting, or just a picture of your kiddo by using the option to attach files underneath the text box when sending a message.

Can I send one message to multiple people on my child's care team?

Yes. Just select each intended recipient when you’re in the secure messaging section, and it will be sent to those individuals.

How will I know if there is a new message or document in my portal account?

Anytime a member of the patient’s care team sends something  through your portal account, a notification will be sent to your personal email alerting you to the item needing your attention. Similarly, a PHS clinician will be notified via email if you send them a message or document.

I already have an online ordering account, is that the same thing?

The portal and online ordering are separate websites, but online ordering will automatically be linked to your portal so you will never have to worry about logging into multiple locations. Just find the ‘online ordering’ tab on the left hand side of the portal navigation to be directed to the patient’s individualized supply list.

My child is over 18 - who can access his or her account?

As patients begin to transition into adulthood, we encourage them to begin engaging with their portal account to become familiar with its functionality. When a patient is over 18 years of age, he or she has full rights to setup and access a MyPHS Portal account. A MyPHS Portal Proxy Request Form can be completed for any individuals they wish to grant access to. If somebody will be assuming the role of guardianship, conservatorship, or power of attorney for a patient, steps will be taken to ensure appropriate individuals have access to the necessary accounts.

Can I give someone else access to my child's portal account?

The legal guardian can give other access to MyPHS Portal by completing a MyPHS Portal Proxy Request Form, which you can request by emailing the customer service team through you MyPHS portal.

How do I remove access for someone who has been authorized to use the portal?

The legal guardian who granted access can also revoke access by completing the Proxy Revocation Form, which you can request by emailing the customer service team through you MyPHS portal.

Originally published: August 27, 2018