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Our Nurses. Your Home. Private Duty Nursing at PHS

One more way to care for your child, every day, in every way

Private Duty Nursing Service (PDNS) was added to the broad spectrum of services offered by Pediatric Home Service just over a year ago and we have nothing but great news to report.  Adding PDNS to the service offerings allows PHS to do everything possible to help kids live their lives to the fullest at home, with their family, where every child belongs. It also makes it easier for our family caregivers and professional health care partners, who can get all their questions and concerns answered in one place, with a single phone call.

When you bring your child home from the hospital, we come with you. In fact, we’re usually already there, with all the equipment and support you need to ensure your child gets the best possible care and highest level of comfort.

  • Our private duty nurses provide round-the-clock care, if necessary, or scheduled visits as required or deemed appropriate by your doctor.
  • All PHS extended-care, private duty nurses are licensed trained and experienced in the specialized discipline of caring for young patients.
  • Training includes comprehensive pediatric assessments, equipment competency, emergency response and CPR certification.

To learn more about Private Duty Nursing click here.

“We understand that having people in your home who are not family can feel like an intrusion, no matter how necessary the intrusion may be. At PHS, we work with families to do our best to accommodate their schedules and household dynamics, in addition to providing the highest quality home nursing care.”

— PHS Founder/Owner Susan Wingert

Originally published: March 23, 2012