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Garrett Doesn’t Let Spina Bifida Slow Him Down

At 8 years old (but almost 9, as he will tell you), Garrett has endured a lot of medical procedures and doctors appointments throughout his life due to his spina bifida diagnosis – but that doesn’t restrict what he’s capable of or willing to try.

“He plays sports, goes to school, has sleepovers with friends – he’s doing everything his sister was at his age,” says Garrett’s mom, Melissa.

Garrett has been off his vent for the past two months and is working toward decannulation with the help of his PHS respiratory therapist, Carrie Pritzl – whose care behind the scenes ensures his family can maintain a life filled with sports and activities for the kids.

“He doesn’t give up, and spina bifida doesn’t restrict what he can do,” says his sister. “He’s just the most self-confident, determined kid I know.”

Learn more about Garrett at, and meet him and his family below.

Originally published: October 11, 2017

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