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The top 5 Thrive Blog Posts of 2015

On the Thrive blog, PHS strives to provide information each week that will help create community for our patient families while also bringing knowledge and understanding to readers. There is so much to know about respiratory therapy, infusion nursing & pharmacy, home care nursing, and other services – and so many stories to tell about our incredible patients who overcome obstacles time and time again.

Throughout 2015, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with our 25 year all-stars, introduced you to some of our amazing field nurses, learned a little more about play therapy, and more. But what were the most popular posts in 2015? Take look below, and catch up on some of the most read articles you might have missed. Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list?

#5: Tips for nurses working the overnighter

Working when you’re usually sleeping is something that takes your mind and body some time to get used to – and is a transition many health care workers know well. With that in mind, we asked our nurses for tips on staying alert and active during an overnight shift – whether it’s in a patient’s home or a hospital setting.

#4: Understanding infusion: antibiotics

To help explain the most common types of infusion therapy PHS provides, we took a closer look at four medications – exploring what they’re used for and who typically receives them. As a common therapy, it’s no surprised antibiotics was one of the most read posts this year – but keep reading on, and you’ll notice a pattern.

#3: Step by step Farrell Valve bag instructions

An oldie but a goodie, this post originally went up in 2011 and continues to be one of the most viewed blogs nearly five years later. New to using Farrell Valve bags? Just in need of a refresher or step by step video instructions of a part of the process? Look no further – this blog breaks down three different scenarios with Farrell Valve bag use.

#2: Understanding infusion: Total parenteral nutrition

Another infusion therapy focus post pops up on this list, and this time for a lesser known therapy – compared to antibiotics, anyway. A number of our patients use total parenteral nutrition (TPN) due to an improperly functioning digestive system, and this post explains just what this medication consists of and which diagnoses commonly have a need for it.

#1: Understanding infusion: Enzyme replacement therapy

Taking the top spot of most read blogs in 2015 is a third infusion therapy post – this time exploring enzyme replacement therapy (curious about the 4th and final infusion post that didn’t make this list? Find information about IVIG/SCIG here). This therapy is used for individuals with lysosomal storage disorders – see which diagnoses fall under this category, and learn what they mean, in this post.

So there you have it! The posts this year that were the most intriguing to our readers. There was clearly a strong infusion presence on this list, as well as tips for clinicians and instructions for parents. We have a chock full calendar for 2016, and can’t wait to spend the year telling more stories and offering more knowledge. Is there anything you’d like to learn more about or see on the Thrive blog? Let us know! We always want to provide the information our families and providers are looking for.

Originally published: February 3, 2016