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Meet Allison

Born: 1995

Diagnosis: Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS)

Services used: Respiratory

Allison's Challenge


Allison’s condition means her brain doesn’t tell her lungs to breathe. As she progressed through childhood, Allison’s symptoms began to rob more of her breath, limiting her oxygen intake, and stealing her ability to grow and learn. Keeping Allison from getting sick was important, especially as she prepared for an intense surgery to implant two pacemakers.


From her infancy on, PHS played an integral role in Allison’s health, providing respiratory and other pediatric home care services, so she could live comfortably at home. Allison successfully underwent surgery to implant two pacemakers that shock her diaphragm, telling her lungs to take each breath.

Allison's Solution


Allison had her trach removed and is on to bigger and better things: Attending college.

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Allison playing violin

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