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Meet Easton.

Born: 2016

Diagnosis:  Premature, bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Services used: Respiratory, specialized nutrition, home care nursing

Easton with his sister and mom


Easton not only required a tracheostomy and ventilator to help with breathing but also the support of enteral nutrition to ensure he got stronger and stayed healthy once home.


Easton’s family discharged home with the support of a comprehensive team from PHS including respiratory therapy, home care nursing, and nutrition. PHS provided the family with clinical support alongside supplies and equipment to safely meet his needs.

PHS respiratory therapist Tera provides care for Easton


Easton is a healthy, active boy. Recently decannulated, the whole family is loving life at home, together.

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“At home, Easton can be a kid, we have the hospital level care, but he's able to be at home.”

- Rachel, Easton's mom

Easton relaxes with his home care nurse
PHS patient Easton with his PHS dietitian, home care nurse, respiratory therapist, and case manager

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