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Meet Garrett.

Born: 2008

Diagnosis: Spina bifida

Services used: Respiratory therapy & equipment, enteral nutrition

PHS patient Garrett with his family at home


Garrett’s spina bifida diagnosis meant he required assistance with his breathing. With his trach tube in place, he would need the support of a ventilator and monitoring systems to keep him healthy. Additionally, he needed support to ensure he was continuing to gain weight and grow appropriately, once he transitioned to home. But from the beginning, his family also knew they wanted him to be able to experience the same things his sister did and enjoy a childhood filled with travel and activities.


PHS was the answer for Garrett’s family. Comprehensive services meant they didn’t need to work with multiple providers to ensure Garrett was safe at home. PHS respiratory therapists worked alongside Garrett’s hospital care team to make sure his transition home was smooth, while dietitians ensure he is getting the nutrients he needs by continuously monitoring and adjusting his blended diet. The family, as well as Garrett’s nurses, were all trained by PHS the education team and clinicians, making sure everyone was comfortable with his cares and equipment before transitioning to home.

PHS patient Garrett plays baseball with his sister


Garrett is now proudly decannulated and continues to love playing sports and having sleepovers with friends – just like any other kid.

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PHS patient Garrett shoots hoops at home
PHS patient Garrett horses around with his sister

“He doesn’t give up, spina bifida doesn’t restrict what he can do. He’s the most self confident, determined kid I know. ”

- Breonna, Garrett’s sister

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