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5 phone apps under $5 for parents of children with medical needs

When a child has complex medical needs, each day can bring a different stress for the child or parent – and sometimes both. Whether they are going in for a lab draw, preparing for surgery, or just seeing their doctor for a routine follow-up, frequent medical appointments can begin to create stress and build up information for the caregiver to remember.

Thanks to technology, assistance may only be a few clicks away – we’ve researched what apps exist to help parents of children with medical needs organize and de-stress this complicated realm, and found the top 5. Some help store and  track information, some help a child put words to a feeling or experience, and some feel more like a fun game than a medical tool at all.

Do you have any apps that have made medical life easier with your kiddo? Share them in the comments!

5 apps to help ease medical stress with your child


Originally published: August 24, 2016