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Playing Bingo With The Dude at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics

Ok no, we’re not talking talking about a farmer, or a dog, but we are talking about four lucky PHS employees who got to go on a field trip to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics in Minneapolis this past Monday to do what we do best (other than caring for medically-complex kiddos), volunteering. We were there with one purpose in mind, to play some bingo with “The Dude” and all the patients at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics through their closed circuit TV program.

Over the course of one hour we played 3 games of bingo and had 10 prize winners! Congrats to all the amazing patients who won prizes. I know we had a blast and will most definitely be back for more. Hanging out with The Dude, playing bingo and dancing every time someone wins, is just too much fun to pass up!

Check out this short video compilation of how much fun we had dancing once a bingo was won! You can also check out the full show (with the fun green screen animations) by clicking here.

Originally published: December 14, 2012