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5 Non-Edible Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Child

Valentine’s Day is a fun time for children as they pass cards out to their classmates and loved ones, and make red and pink crafts. As you’re helping your child choose and assemble their valentines, remember that not all children can eat the treats that are often included for medical or allergy reasons. 

To help make this holiday fun and inclusive for everybody, we looked for fun non-edible valentine ideas – and we’re certain nobody will miss the sugar with these fun gifts. Click the links included to visit the page these ideas were originally found on, and let us know of any fun non-edible ideas we should add to our list.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine, you're a-maze-ing non-edible kids idea

You’re a-maze-ing

Give kids something that will keep them busy with this miniature maze, while letting them know how a-maze-ing they are. This website even has the printable image so you can do it yourself!

Our class would knot be the same without you non-edible Valentine idea

Knot the same

Is your kid crafty? Have them braid some bracelets with different colored string, and give them as gifts to their classmates with this cute tag. Everyone in class will feel special with a matching bracelet!

A buggy valentine's day for non-edible ideas

Buggy valentines

For the bug lover in your life, these outdoorsy-themed valentines can be a fun way to mix it up and bring nature indoors. You can get free printables for bee, grasshopper, and butterfly-themed cards on the Backyard Brilliant website.

You make my heart bounce Valentine's Day non-edible idea

Bouncing hearts

While a classroom full of bouncy balls may make for a bit of commotion that day, this idea is too fun to pass up. With some mini bouncing balls, plastic bags, and the free printable available on The Crafting Chicks website,  you can liven up any child’s day.

Have a gooed day non-edible Valentine idea

A gooed day

Goo is all the rage with kids right now – so we couldn’t make a list of fun gadgets for Valentine’s Day without it. The Gunny Sack shared a homemade recipe for goo, along with a printable and assembly ideas. Just make sure the teacher or recipient is okay with it first!

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