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PHS celebrates Feeding Tube Awareness Week, February 5-11

tube feeding awareness, infusion, feeding pump, infinity teal, infinity orange, g tube, jtube, formulaTube feeding is a term that at times may cast a negative light upon an already complex medical situation.  However, what is not commonly known are the benefits a tube feeding can provide a growing child.  By providing nutrition through the use of a feeding tube, a child that may not be able to obtain adequate or any nutrition by mouth would still be able to grow, thrive, and develop.

PHS is excited to be celebrating this awareness week and wanted to share with you some resources that our Dietitians pulled together. The links below have information for adults and kids alike. Do you know of any other resources? We’d love for you to leave us a comment here to keep growing our list of resources.

Resources & Fun Sites for Families:

Originally published: February 6, 2012