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PHS is Thankful for the Family Caregivers

Celebrating National Family Caregiver Month

Although PHS provides the respiratory therapists, infusion nurses, home care nurses, dietitians, clinical social worker, on-site pharmacy, equipment, supplies, and education; not a single one of our services would be made possible if it weren’t for the family caregivers in the home caring for these precious kids day in and day out.

In the month of November we celebrate National Family Caregiver Month, (did you know you had a month dedicated to celebrating you?!) Well, we at PHS want to thank you for all you do and we think you deserve more fanfare than just a celebratory Facebook post. So we went out to a couple PHS family homes, sat down with two moms and asked questions like “how are you doing?”, “what’s your story?”, and “what does it mean to you to be a family caregiver?” What we ended up with was some fantastic insight into the joy, the stress, and the fear that comes along with being a family caregiver for a medically complex child. Watch the videos below and join in on the conversation on our Facebook page.

Special thanks to Deb and Robin for letting us in your home and for sharing your child’s story as well as how their medical needs have changed your role from just parent, to also caregiver.


In our interviews with Deb and Robin we asked about resources. “What resources have you come across that you wish you’d known about sooner, what resources haven’t you been able to find, is there something that organizations can do to make y our role as a family caregiver easier?”
Many of the resources available for caregivers are geared towards caring for aging parents, but few are focused on the care of a medically-fragile child. We’d love to hear from all you parents out there on any resources you’d like to share, or resources you’d love to come across. Maybe we can all help each other out a little more this holiday season.
Deb and Robin touched on ideas such as:

  • A message board for parents of medically-fragile children, where you could connect with other families in similar situations
  • The lack of financial resources for parents who need help with non-covered supply items

Do you have any others we can add to the list?

PHS is Thankful

I want to close today by once again just saying a simple ‘thank you’. Thank you for caring for your children, and thank you for letting all of us here help you do that. You are each truly amazing people. Wishing you all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Originally published: November 23, 2011