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PHS Looks Forward to the Next 22 years and More With New President, Mark Hamman

PHS employees, friends, partners, referral sources and patient families spent Sunday, June 24th in style at the PHS Succession Celebration where we recognized all Susan Wingert has done to bring PHS to where it is today, and eagerly welcomed Mark Hamman into his new role as our leader, the new PHS President. Held at the International Market Square in Minneapolis, MN the Success Celebration was led by our very own HR Director and wonderful emcee for the afternoon, Todd Ericson. Although he kicked off the event without his typical ceremonial joke of the day, the event went off without a hitch.

Not your typical retirement party, the Succession Celebration was designed to focus on not where we have been, but where PHS is going in the future. Our future is now being led by the very capable and able, Mark Hamman. Mark has spent the last 6 years of his time at PHS going through a formal succession plan where he has managed and worked in every single department, and pretty much every single role at PHS. An initiation so thorough has given Mark an appreciation of how integral each role is in taking care of the child, and our employees couldn’t be more excited to see where the future takes us with Mark as our leader.

The afternoon’s program was fantastic, starting off with a video showing how far PHS has come over the past 22 years and speeches from PHS partners, friends and employees. See below for videos of each of the speeches.

Longtime referral source and friend William Wheeler, MD. “The first 10 children sent home with medical dependency in MN, and Susan Wingert made it happen. Since those kids went home, there have been 800 more. This is unheard of throughout the nation.”

PHS patient family mom, Bernadette Bernardini. “Susan and PHS have had a monumental impact on my family. Susan’s visionary thinking and gutsy doing are a testament to our eldest son nick, as a true PHS success story”

Three of the six founding PHS employees: Sandi Maguire, Bruce Estrem and Kay Kufahl. “The word thrive really embodies everything that we have done over the last years. So we wanted to take each letter in the word thrive and expand on how that relates to Susan.”
T= Technology / H= Honesty / R= Respected / I= Integrity / V= Vision / E= Excellence and Expectation

A member of the PHS Senior Leadership team and longtime friend to Susan,  Judy Giel . “I was honored when given this opportunity to speak because it gives me the chance to highlight how she literally revolutionized homecare over the past 3 decades through her vision, resolve and her integrity.”

Susan’s husband, Jan Mattson. “So with a subterranean office, a pick-up truck and used Honeywell desks and borrowed money, it all began. Now when you look at it today, how many lives has this enterprise touched, and all for the better.”

The new PHS President Mark Hamman. “I’ve mentioned to many folks, that it’s the people here in this organization that make the company go, and my mom, the captain, was just the one picking the team. I want to say thank you mom for giving me this opportunity to fill your shoes and I will continue the legacy of PHS. I know with the resources you’ve given me, that won’t be a problem.”

Founder and retired PHS President, Susan Wingert. “As many tributes as come this way today, it’s my personal opinion that I deserve absolutely none of them. It’s got nothing to do with what I did; it’s got to do with what the people at PHS did.”

Thank you to everyone who attended and who has supported PHS over the past 22 years. You can rest assured that you will receive the same high-quality child focused care that you’ve grown accustomed to since the very start of PHS. See more photos from the event on the PHS Facebook page here.

Originally published: July 6, 2012

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